Planning 2010/11


Work Breakdown Dec. 2010

Work_Decomposition.docx (In Spanish!)
عروض بنده , عروض العثيم , عروض التميمي , عروض الدانوب


There are a list of 12 sub projects where collaboration is already being sought, /agreed and some of which have already been initiated. Fuller speification is available, but is in Spanish as yet!

عروض بنده , عروض العثيم , عروض كارفور , عروض الدانوب , عروض جرير , عروض اكسترا
Monitoring of Infectious Diseases
NHS 24 style Help Desk/ Health Information Portal (Sana Sana)
Web Portals for Advice and Health Prevention Content
Analysis of Open Source Patient Record Systems
Requirements Analysis for SOS in Venezuela
Analysis of potential of Open Source VLEs such as Moodle, Wikimedia as platform for provision of short acc credited modules (Cost-free) to health personnel accredited by the Univ. of Venezuela.
Analysis of existing Applications for use of mobile images in telemedicine
Analysis of state of the art for remote monitoring and rehab of patients in diseases such as HIV and other
Anal. Of state of art in monitoring diabetes
Mobile Phone based system to allow reminders and changes of patient appointments
Anal. Of software and hardware for Dig Tutorial online or on mobile, and use of one to create tutorial
Requirements analysis for managing patient data and appointment for an appointment clinic