People and Organisations

Pam Nicoll
01463 255910
RRHEAL Director - linked to NES Scotland which is the education arm of the National health Service www. Similar to SOS - digital and online training for staff in rural and remote areas in Highlands and Islands Work also with Univ. of the highlands and Islands UHI
Some video resources Potential for sharing video and other resources on basic skills for nurses Video based professional development lectures for clinicians Shared aims and same VC system you have for medical lectures Good partner for collaboration with European organisations on their projects Some video resources -
Uses video, remote VC consultation and second opinion, and online courses to train rural staff in remote areas.
e.g. Video resource for rural midwives on
Prof. Maged Kamel Boulos
01343 576830
07552 211634
Digital Health Lead for Univ of Highlands and Islands (Working with the above)
As above - potential for collaboration on joint projects
Prof. Morag Gray
Emeritus Professor at School of Nursing and Midwifery at Edinburgh Napier University
EdD These Faculty Manager for Liverpool University online courses in nursing
Knows nursing and midwifery curriculum (previously a nurse) Teaches and supervises online training for nurses at Liverpool University Someone I trust and hugely admire for her professionalism and practical compassion.
Has provided a series of general resource and links already, and happy to provide specific ones from the nursing curriculum as required. (i.e. when you are on a specific topic, send a request)
Dr Liz Grant
Liz Grant is the Director of the Global Health Academy and Assistant Principal for Global Health, and was at part of your SOS talk in Edinburgh
Liz is also a Senior Lecturer in Global Health and Development in the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh, and co-directs the online Masters in Family Medicine, the MSc in Global Health Non communicable diseases, and the MSc Global eHealth.
Expertise in health and nursing in the context of global health and online health courses
and can provide support, contacts or resources in whichever area needed. Will be speaking to her shortly so if there are specific requests on a particular topic....
Sharon Levy
Sen. lecturer on Nursing at Edinburgh University, and previously nurse working in telemedicine at Aberdeen Hospital
Specialist knowledge of nursing curriculum and especially in XXXX. In Brazil in July
Prof Michael Brown
Prof. of Mental Health Nursing (previously a nurse) at Edinburgh Napier School of Nursing and Midwifery.
Knowledge of nursing curriculum and specialist in mental health Research professor Someone I trust, who always delivers
Dr Claud pagliaria

Marshall Dozier
Medical librarian
Able to help with access to papers and journals, and does so for global health courses at Edingbrugh Univ. and to nursing courses there. Works with Liz Grant (above on global health training resources)
Deirdre Moriarty
Glasgow School of Nursing
Director, Bachelor of. Nursing Programme Glasgow School of Nursing www.gla.ac.uk/XX
Nursing Curriculum Video How to Resources including Child Health Sim. approach to SOS in collaborating with communities across health and Social Care. Shares SOS approach working with communities and providing How To videos.
Dr Jo Vallis
Zambia nurse Education project in NES Scotland which is the education arm of the National health Service
Knowledge of issues in educating nurses online in Africa (you met her) with experience of what does/doesn't work.
NHS 24 inc Dr George Crooks (Director) Telephone and online health information and telephone support service for health Have a 'tree-diagram' of questions and appropriate responses for different conditions, as well as health
information pages and resources on these (See below)


Clinical Skills – Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

I suggest that building on this, we choose topics and them pick a collaborator such as Pam Nicoll Sharon Levy, Claudia or Liz Grant, etc to develop materials.

Skills for health competencies

(For example I searched for 'birth' and all the competencies are listed.
Clicking on individual competencies brings up a detailed HOW TO DO list for that competency
For example https://tools.skillsforhealth.org.uk/competence/show/pdf/id/3970/

Skills for Midwives and Maternity Support Workers

List of Skills (16 pages – scroll down)

Click on the individual skills link to get a more detailed breakdown of what they need to know HOW TO DO
For example, the skills associated with managing blood spillage


General Links on Nursing Standards

Royal College of Nursing, (2003), Defining nursing, RCN: London. Available at: www.rcn.org.uk/publications
Skills for Health (2010), Key elements of the career framework 2nd edition), Bristol: Skills for Health. Available at: www.skillsforhealth.org.uk
Skills for Health (2009) Core standards for assistant practitioners, Skills for Health: Bristol. Available at: www.skillsforhealth.org.uk

Health Information including symptoms, causes, treatments (Scotland and UK)

National Health Service Scotland
NHS inform http://www.nhsinform.co.uk
NHS Inform health Library http://www.nhsinform.co.uk/health-library/

NHS24 www.nhs24.com
Telephone triage roadmap to support next steps, either recommending a medication/action or contact an appropriate doctor or nurse to call back or visit. I know the director and a lot of the staff when you have specific requirements / topics.

NHS24 Self Help Guide Online

US Medline Health information and Video Resources ( Has great video collection as part of health info)

US Medline Plus health information and Support Videos

This has vast collection of minivideos on any clinical topic e.g. colorectal cancer operations

US Undergraduate nursing skills and competencies

Undergraduate Curriculum

More Detail on individual people (in process)

Pam Nicoll at RRHEAL Rural Health Education platform. (Part of National Health Service Education Scotland)

RRHEAL http://www.rrheal.scot.nhs.uk/home.aspx
This platform hosts content and links to material that is specifically relevant for remote, rural and island teams supporting health and social care delivery to remote and island populations of Scotland
Uses video, remote VC consultation and second opinion, and online courses to train rural staff in remote areas.
e.g. Video resource for rural midwives on

They share the aims of SOS, in a rural context, and use the same approach, and the same tools, including the same VC system, and production of videos and courses for both untrained paramedical staff, and to maintain the skills of doctors.
They work with the university of the highlands and Islands (Kamel Boulos is the lead in Digital Health) and there are opportunities for joint EU and other projects.

Pam Nicoll (programme Director)
Email: rrheal@nes.scot.nhs.uk
Tel: 01463 255910

Collaboration Scenarios
  • Joint project with UHI and other country partners on rural nurse training using video and other resources
  • Specific help in training resource development in topical areas - roadmap of key competencies, access to relevant resources
  • VC collaboration
  • Online course collaboration